publishes seven monthly magazines; one for each major genre of fiction. Stories of all types may find their home in our publications, though perhaps not on the first try. We offer feedback on every declined submission which follows our guidelines.

Upon acceptance, contributors are expected to collaborate with editors, FMDC staff, and other contributors to revise their submission, as well as promote the issue to which their work is accepted. 

  • Compensation: 10% royalty on issue sales.
  • Rights: One month exclusivity & first publishing rights. Previously published work not accepted.
  • Circulation: Thousands of readers on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and
  • Average reading time: Less than thirty days. Stories selected by peer review. Apply to curate.
  • Word count: 4,250 to 7,500 words considered for fiction. No exceptions.
  • Formatting: We prefer proper manuscript style. USA spelling. No double spaces or manual returns.
  • Editing: Our editors use Google Docs for collaborative editing.  Apply to edit.

Feel free to contact the editors with questions.

eFiction is looking for a modern evolution of literary fiction. We want stories that hook right from the first sentence and don't let go until the impactful climax a few thousand words later. Stories should be titled to attract a reader's interest; not to describe the story. The hook should pull the reader straight into the action. The climax should have emotional relevance. We want goose-bump triggering impact.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email us at

FIVE Poetry publishes five poems by five poets each month. All submissions must contain five poems to be considered. There are no other restrictions on poetry.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email us at

Nebula Rift is a science fiction magazine that publishes stories about the near future. We want stories that rip headlines from scientific journals and extrapolate that source material to the fringes of what is possible.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email us at

Love, lust or heartache, we want it all!  We aim to capture the diversity of romantic experience, be it modern or dated, unconventional or relatable, or something entirely new. Tell us a story; how do we connect, how do we feel love?

Submissions must follow guidelines.

Heater publishes mysteries, thrillers, and crime fiction. 

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email us at

New Realm is a fantasy magazine that publishes stories written in a modern style that take place in a fantastic setting.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email us at

The goal of Under the Bed is to give readers horror stories that are fresh, tightly written, and most of all, scary.  Reading with your back to the wall, occasionally getting up to check all the locks, hiding under the blankets--scary.

Submissions must follow guidelines.

We run free advertising in all of our issues each month. Our issues are delivered to thousands of readers on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and

Anyone can submit advertising. Our team of 300+ curators will evaluate your advertising based on professionalism, appeal, and fit for publication. We reserve the right to decline advertising that does not fit our standards. Use coupon code ADSAMPLE at checkout to get a free issue from 

Full size page is 600px by 800px. That is our preferred size, though we can work with proportional images as well. 

The only compensation we ask for is please share this opportunity with your writing friends and groups.

NOTE: A book cover alone is not an advertisement.

Submission curators volunteer to earn experience reading short stories for a publication, learn what makes a well written story, gain experience collaborating with peers, and read great stories. Curators can submit their own work.

This is a volunteer position to edit stories for The editing process is rather simple. You will be given access to stories about one week before the deadline. During that time, you and the other associate editors will be collaborating on the stories in Google Docs. Participants must be familiar with the functionality of Google Docs to apply. 

This is a great opportunity for anyone interested in editing, writing, or professionally reading fiction to get some insight into the development of world-class story telling. We hope you see the benefits of joining the team. uses Slack as an internal forum for discussion about writing, publishing, and all things FMDC. 

Everyone who is accepted for publication in any of our magazines is automatically invited to join.